SA Army at the Rand Easter Show 2017, NASREC Johannesburg, 14 to 23 April 2017

Theme: “Not Just Another Hero”

Information by Annelie Rosslee, SA Army Corporate Communication
Photographs by Staff Sergeant Chené Kruger, SA Army Corporate Communication

The SA Army has come out in full force at the Rand Show 2017 taking place at Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg.
A large variety of SA Army capabilities were displayed at the indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

SA Army Indoor Displays

SA Army Infantry.

  • Personnel Parachute Display.
  • Survival Kit Display.
  • Parachute Weapons Display.
  • Canine, Equestrian and Motorbikes Static Displays.
  • Tracking Display.
  • Cargo Parachute Display.
  • Gecko

SA Army Engineer Formation.

  • Communication Bus.
  • Electronic Learning Aiming Correction (ELAC) System.
  • Training Equipment.
  • SA Army Training Formation.
  • Visual Footage.
  • Electronic Learning Aiming Correction (ELAC) System.
  • Training Equipment.

SA Army Signal Formation.

  • Visual Footage.
  • Banners.

SA Army Outdoor Displays

SA Army Infantry Formation.

  • Horses.Quadbikes
  • .
  • Puppies.Ratel
  •  and Weapons Systems.
  • Casspir.
  • Ammunition for Platoon Weapons.
  • Ratel will Full Tote.

SA Army Support Formation.

  • Zebra 8x8.
  • Rookat Mk 1D.
  • Withings.
  • Mk2 Tank.
  • Tank Transporter.
  • Ratel ZT3.
  • Olifant Mk1A (Engine only).

SA Army Artillery Formation.

  • 127mm MRL.
  • 120mm M5 Mortar.
  • 155mm GV5 Gun.
  • 155mm GV6 Gun.
  • Fire Control Post Equipment.
  • 1 x 3m Container.

SA Army Air Defence Artillery Formation.

  • 35mm MK V Air Defence Artillery Gun.
  • THUTLWA Radar System.
  • LPD 20 Radar System.
  • Generator.
  • 25mm Bosvark Anti Aircraft Gun.
  • 15x15 Tent.

SA Army Armour Formation.

  • Tank Transporter with Olifant MK II MBT.
  • Ratel ZT3-A.
  • Rooikat Armoured Car.

SA Army Engineer Formation.

  • Wheel Dozer (PANTILE Construction Machine).
  • Diesel Bunker (PANTILE Construction Machine).
  • Front and Loader (PANTILE Construction Machine).
  • 4 x Mobile Workshop.
  • Skit Skeer.
  • S Tanks.
  • Power Tools.
  • Mine Warfare.
  • Folding Foldable Bridge System.
  • Surveying.
  • GIS.
  • Photography.

SA Army Intelligence Formation.

  • Tactical Intelligence Control Point System.
  • Support and Transportation Shelter.
  • Intelligence Management System & Components.
  • Advanced Surveillance System.
  • Operational Tactical and Counter Intelligence Product.
  • Load Bearing Equipment with Operator’s Kit.

SA Army Signal Formation.

  • Gazebo & Banners.
  • Chopper Tent.
  • KVA Generator.
  • Ratel Tout.
  • Night Sight.
  • Communicator Trailer.
  • Trailer Mounted Generator.
  • BARCOM A43.
  • Morse Punch Unit.
  • Project RADIATE.
  • Visual Displays.
  • Fuel Tank.
  • Control Panel.
  • Radios.
  • Interface Unit.

SA Army Headquarters 43 SA Brigade

  • VOC / MOCC Shelter and Equipment.

SA National Defence Force Arena Programme, 14 to 17 April 2017

  • All Services Military Bands (SA Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy and SA Military Health Services).
  • Precision Drills by the SA Army and SA Navy.
  • SA Army Engineer Bridge Building.
  • Gun Run by the SA Navy.
  • SA Army Specialised Infantry Capability (Dogs and Motorbikes).
  • Military Police Demonstration.
  • Mock Attack.