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SA Army Military Skills Development System

SA Army Infantry Corps

Infantry Corps



Main Function

The infantry is the nucleus of any army and as a result it is the largest fighting corps in the SA Army. The infantry is expected to attack the enemy under any conditions; this requires courage, fitness and initiative. In order to attack the enemy with confidence, weapon training and field craft is the most important part of training. an infantry members is usually a foot soldier, although it is not uncommon to fight from infantry combat vehicles. Infantry soldiers can also be transported by helicopter, aircraft, parachute and a multitude of other methods. Versatility is an important characteristic of the infantry.


  • Operate under all circumstances.
  • Easily transported by air and on sea.
  • Soldiers and weapons are camouflaged and concealed.
  • Can operate independently on a small scale.
  • Can deliver high volume of fire.
  • Can retain occupied ground.

Motorised Infantry

This is the traditional infantry soldiers who are transported close to the objective by armoured personnel carrier and than dismount and fight trough the objective on foot.

Mechanised Infantry

Developing technology made it possible for the Infantry to be deployed as a mechanised mobile force, which could fight on foot when necessary.

Parachute Infantry

These are Infanteers who are trained as parachutists and transported by air and dropped by parachute close to the objective or to execute other specific tasks.


  • Military professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability

Land and Air Training

  • Sniper training.
  • Combat demolitions.
  • Bush craft.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Basic photography.
  • Climbing techniques.
  • Urban and rural combat.
  • Advanced medical.
  • Regimental signals.
  • Team leaders.
  • Drop zone safety.
  • Advance parachuting.

Educational Entry Requirements

Requirement Description
Grade 12 / NQF 4 Entry level requirement for Military Skills Development System Recruits
English Essential
Geography Preferable
Mathematics Advantageous
Accounting Advantageous
Science Advantageous
Biology Advantageous
Mechanics Advantageous
Technical Trade Theory Advantageous
Computer Skills Basic knowledge would be advantageous