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SA Army Military Skills Development System

SA Army Engineer Corps

Engineer Corps



Main Function

Our Motto "Ubique" Latin for Everywhere. Military engineering is as old as war itself. Throughout centuries sappers, or Military Engineers as they are commonly known, had to make paths, build bridges, erect and breach obstacles during the conduct of war. Engineers help the Army to move, to fight and to survive. The SA Army Engineer Corps system consists of the Combat Engineer, Engineer Intelligence (which includes terrain intelligence, surveying, cartography and printing), operational construction as well as engineer logistics components. The corps is responsible for engineer support to all types of forces during all types of operations and under all circumstances.

This corps have various duties. The build bridges, demolish bridges and structures, lay and lift mines, build roads and airfields, produce maps etc. Candidates must be in possession of National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) Mathematics. Subjects such as Geography and or Physical Science are preferable.

Values Component

  • Military professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Discipline

Training and Career Opportunities

  • Combat Engineers
    Commonly known as the field sapper. Supplies close combat forces by means of the utilisation of special equipment and techniques.
    • Basic field engineering.
    • Bridge building.
    • Mine warfare.
    • Demolitions.
    • Watermanship.
    • River crossing.
    • Defensive works.
    • Power tools.
    • Water purification.

  • Operational Construction
    Construction sappers are responsible for establishment of operational infrastructure for the South African Army, ie operational bases, roads and airfields. Three career directions namely:
    • Professional
      • Architectural
      • Civil Engineering
      • Electrical Services
    • Structures
      • Builders
      • Carpenters
      • Electricians
      • Plumbers
    • Earthworks
      • Construction Machine Operator
    • Terrain Intelligence
      • Terrain intelligence sappers are responsible for production of specialist geographical maps for the South African National Defence Force. The career directions namely:
        • Survey and Mapping
          • Surveyors
          • Cartographers
          • Photogrammetrists
        • Printing and Photographic
          • Lithographers
          • Photo lithographers
          • Photographers
          • Binders

Educational Entry Requirements



Grade 12 / NQF 4

Entry level requirement for Military Skills Development System Recruits













Computer Skills


Military Skills Development System (MSDS) trainees who intend to study can be selected to study can be selected to study as a permanent member of the South African National Defence Force with training institutions, technicons, military academy and other universities for the theoretical phase and at accredited defence training units for the practical training.