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SA Army Military Skills Development System

SA Army Artillery Corps

Artillery Corps



Main Function

It is the role of the artillery to destroy the enemy, preferably prior to contact with own Infantry and Armour, by means of firepower. Successful candidates will be employed in a digital and technologically advanced environment. Employment in leader and non-leader group posts will give the member access to state of the art training and personal development. Non-leader group members can look forward to be trained as Drivers of artillery specialist vehicles, Rocket Mortar, G5 and G6 gun crew members, Artillery Surveying Assistants and Artillery Regimental Signalers. Members selected as leaders can be employed as Rocket, Mortar, G5 and G6 gun commanders, Artillery Surveying Assistants, Artillery Fire Control Officers, Artillery Observation Officers and Instructors of artillery specialised equipment. Members with cognitive as well as physical perseverance may apply for employment.

Leader group candidates must have passed Mathematics and or Physical Science in Grade 12.


  • The Artillery Corps is a combat corps.
  • Main function is to establish fire superiority over the entire battle area to interfere with the enemy plans.
  • The projectile is the weapon of the Artillery Corps.
  • The Artillery possesses the ability to project indirect firepower in close and deep battle ground.

Values Component

  • Military professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Discipline

Tactical Role

Execution of engagements aimed at creating specific tactical, technical or psychological effects, ie:

  • Screening own forces by means of smoke
  • Anti tank engagements
  • Battlefield illumination
  • Incendiary engagements
  • Target indication
  • Radar jamming
  • Propaganda leaflets
  • Harassing fire
  • Mine laying

Educational Entry Requirements

Requirement Description
Grade 12 / N Q F 4 Entry level requirement for Military Skills Development System Recruits
English Essential
Geography Preferable
Mathematics Advantageous
Accounting Advantageous
Science Advantageous
Biology Advantageous
Mechanics Advantageous
Computer Skills Basic knowledge would be advantageous