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SA Army Military Skills Development System

SA Army Air Defence Artillery Corps

Air Defence Artillery Corps



Main Function

The aim of the Air Defence Artillery Corps is to provide combat ready Air Defence Artillery forces for the SA Army, whilst playing the leading role in sustaining credible, cohesive, joint landward defence capability. The Air Defence Artillery is responsible to protect our troops, supplies and important installations like airports, power plants and dams from attack by enemy aircraft.

Experience the adrenaline rush while firing a 35mm gun at 1 050 rounds/m with an effective range of 4 000m, while making use of the most advanced radar system in the world, or fire a Starstreak Missile moving at a speed of Mach 3. Candidates who have passed Mathematics and or Physical Science are preferable.


  • The Air Defence Artillery Corps is a combat corps
  • Additional function is to apply local warning
  • The weapon of the Air Defence Artillery Corps is the missile
  • The Air Defence Artillery plays a role in Air Defence Control
  • Present training in intelligence and passive defence


  • Always neat
  • Loyal and never complains
  • Takes security seriously
  • An asset and RSA citizen
  • Proud of equipment and maintains it
  • Energetic in saluting
  • Tough and fit
  • Enthusiastic in executing demands

Educational Entry Requirements

Requirement Description
Grade 12 / NQF 4 Entry level requirement for Military Skills Development System Recruits
English Essential
Geography Preferable
Mathematics Advantageous
Science Advantageous
Computer Skills Basic knowledge would be advantageous