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Target Systems

Target Trailer System (TTS)

Technical Data

  • 12 Bed (1 ton) & 6 Bed (3/4 ton) configuration trailers
  • 12 or 6 Portable Target Systems (PTS)
  • Utilization of MIRA Targets
  • PTS operate in pop-up, right-swing and rotary modes
  • Equipped with hit sensors for shot scoring
  • Externally triggered by way of Magnetic and IR Sensors
  • Remotely operated using the Instructor Control Unit (ICU)
  • Support SA Army Shooting Tables 3 (Night) 5, 7, & 8

Electronic Learning Aiming Correction System (ELACs)

Technical Data

  • Modified and pneumatic operated R4 Rifle Simulators (5 lane or 10 lane)
  • Optical sensor or rifle interacts with retro-reflectors on the target to measure aiming point
  • Computer interfaces with sensor to record measurement data prior to, during and after the shot has been fired
  • Performance and control scoring (HAT) is displayed visually
  • Audio Performance feedback is given
  • Support SA Army Shooting Tables 1 - 4
  • Maintain Shooting Skills at units
  • Operational deployment possible (Example: 6 SAI BN ELAC used in the DRC)

Other Information

  • Due to the age of the electronic components it is no longer possible to enquire the same components to maintain the system
  • To prevent the system becoming obsolete and a midlife upgrade must be done
  • Instruction from the Infantry Formation is to carry on with the current system no midlife upgrade to be done
  • The FIRST system is much cheaper to maintain and to install and provide the same and better training

Lateral Moving Rail Target System (LMRT)

Technical Data

  • 60 Meters light weight rail system (supplied in 20 x 3m sections)
  • Mechanically petrol driven trolley which house a LMRT-PTS
  • Similar to the TTS-pts with rotary mode only and no Magnetic or IR sensor capability
  • Utilization of MIRA targets
  • Perpendicular deployment for moving target shooting training
  • Remotely controlled using the LMRT-ICU
  • Operated at 5 different speeds across the rail
  • Support the SA Army Shooting Range Table 6 (moving target technique)

Fixed Installation Rifle Shooting System (FIRST)

Technical Data

  • Indoor Shooting center based on the ELAC system
  • Functionally of ELAC with additional advance coaching abilities
  • Shooting Nodes (5 - 10) are controlled from the Instructor Station
  • Instruction Station is used for database management and shooting mode monitoring
  • User Identification System control access and user privileges
  • System is supplied with a fixed compressor for continuous compressed air supply
  • Supports SA Army shooting Tables 1 - 4
  • Maintain shooting skills at units