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Machine Guns

7,62mm SS-77 Light Machine Gun (LMG)

The 7,62mm SS-77 MK1 LMG is a light, fully automatic weapon manufactured in South Africa. It is gas operated and air-cooled. The SS-77 is belt fed from the left hand side. The SS-77 has a very high firing rate and will replace the 7,62mm FN light machine gun as the section support weapon of the Infantry.

Technical Date

  • Calibre: 7,62 x 51mm
  • Weight: 9,6kg
  • Barrel Length: 550mm without flash hider
  • Length Overall: 940mm butt folded, 1155mm ext
  • Muzzle Velocity: ca 840m/s
  • Rate of Fire: 600 - 900 rds/m adjustable
  • Operating: Gas, automatic
  • Locking System Transverse tilting block
  • Feed System Disintegrating link belt R1M1

7,62mm Browning Machine Gun (BMG)

The 7,62mm MG is a support weapon. The 7,62mm MG, as part of a motorised and mechanised force, is normally fired from a platform (Casspir, Kwvol, Withings, etc), or it can be operated from the ground on a tripod.

The Browning machine gun is available in two types, Flexible and Fixed.

The machine gun has been designed to fire at personnel and soft-skinned vehicles. It can be adapted to fire from a mounted tripod or from various vehicle mountings.

The principles of operation of both weapons are identical. The weapon is fully automatic, belt-fed, recoil-operated aided by gas and air-cooled.

The flexible Browning machine gun is used mainly for general purposes and is employed from a tripod mount or from external vehicle mountings. It is fitted with a pistol grip and sights.

Technical Data

  • Calibre: 7,62mm x 51mm
  • Mass
    • Flexible: 13,62kg
    • Fixed: 12,93kg
  • Length
    • Flexible: 1 015mm
    • Fixed: 940mm
    • Barrel: 594,36mm
    • Rate of fire: 500 to 650 rounds per minute
  • Muzzle Velocities
    • Ball: 840 m/sec
    • Tracer: 820 m/sec
    • Rifling: 4 Right-hand grooves with one turn in 305mm
  • Maximum Effective Ranges
    • Direct: 1 600m
    • Semi-direct: 2 000m
    • Maximum range: 4 200m

12,7mm Browning Machine Gun (BMG)

The12,7mm Browning Machine Gun is recognised as one of the finest heavy machine guns ever developed. It resent conflict especially in an urban environment, the 12,7mm Heavy Machine Gun forms part of the machine gun platoon in the support company on battalion level and is employed by the battalion commander to which it offer a close, direct fire-support capability.

Technical Data

  • Calibre: 12,7mm
  • Weight: 38kg (58kg w/tripod)
  • Barrel Length: 1 140mm
  • Length: 1 650mm
  • Cartridge: .50BMG
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3 050 Ft/s
  • Action: Recoil-operated, short
  • Rate of Fire: 550 round/min
  • Effective Range: 2 000m
  • Feed System Belted