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Gecko is a small, rugged, maneuverable and featuring a multitude of applications and customisations, the Gecko provides the ultimate transport system during specialised operations.

  • Self Protection: A pintle mount for a 7.62mm machine gun is provided at the position of the co-driver, with storage space for an additional 400 rounds close by.
  • Anti Personnel Mine Protection: The vehicle provides protection to occupants against the detonation of 200g TNT below any of the wheels
  • Features
    • Rough terrain speed of 45km/h in high range and 18km/h in low range. World wide partis, service and technical support available
    • A continuously variable ratio torque convertor transmission produces constant flow of maximum power, minimising maintenance and driver fatigue.
    • Storage space for personal and heavy weapons, kit and ammunition
    • Rapid air drop supply (PLEDS OR LAPES) of vehicle and trailer
    • Logistic support for the systems has been fully developed including RAM and FMECA
    • Task and Support Item data to international standards (MIL-STD-1388-2B and DEF-STAN-0060


Gecko Specifications

  • Engine
    • Make: Daihatsu
    • Model: DM950 DT
    • Type: Liquid cooled, direct injection - Turbo Diesel - 3 Cylinder
    • Displacement: 952 cm3
    • Maximum Output: 23 kw @ 3 600 rpm, 74 Nm @ 2 400 rpm
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 3 112mm
    • Width: 1 647mm
    • Height: 1 443mm
    • Ground clearance: 200mm in centre of vehicle body
    • Hump radius: 1 655mm
    • Angle of approach: 570
    • Angle of departure: 430
  • Performance (Fully Laden with trailer)
    • Top speed: 18 km/h (low range), 45 km/H high range
    • Gradeability (full load) without trailer: 60%
    • Gradeability (full load) with trailer (full load): 40%
    • Dynamic side slope @ 10 km/h: 40%
    • Ditch crossing: 600mm
    • Vertical step: 300mm (forward and reverse)
    • Mean Max Pressure: 127 Kpa
    • Drawbar pull: 1 000kg
    • Carrying capacity (veh): 900kg
    • Fuel capacity and range: 50 litres, 250 km
    • Shipping weight: 1 225kg complete
    • Ambient operating temp for continuous max power: 470C
    • Turning circle: pivot turn
  • Clutch and Transmission
    • Continuously variable transmission (VCT) with dual differentials integrated with transmission
      • High ratio: 11.5:1
      • Low ratio and reverse: 30.2:1
  • Final Drive
    • RC60 roller chains from transmission to 8 x 40mm diameter axles supported by tapered roller bearings in an oil bath.
    • Fully adjustable tensioner for each drive chain.
  • Steering
    • Hydrostatic skid steer system with steering wheel
  • Brakes
    • Foot pedal operated hydraulic dual disc and dual caliper brakes
  • Electrical
    • 12 v system, 24 v system also available
    • NATO slave plug
  • Tyres
    • Goodyear Rawhide III AT25 x 11.50 - 9 NHS
    • Provision is made to carry two spare tyres if required
    • Electrical compressor with standard pneumatic outlet and tyre inflation hose
  • Structure
    • Powder coated, tubular steel, welded construction chassis frame
    • Vacuum formed lower hull and hull skid plate manufactured from high density
  • Driver Controls
    • Conventional automotive type steering wheel
    • Conventional brake pedal and foot throttle
    • Dash mounted ignition "On/Off" switch and starter button
    • Headlamp switch, "Compressor On/Off" switch
    • Tacho meter with hour meter
    • Speedometer with electronic odometer
    • Fuel level, coolant temperature, battery charge gauges
    • Low oil pressure & electrical charge rate, coolant temperature warning lamps
    • "Compressor On" warning lamp
    • Dash mounted "Glow Plug On" and "Water in Fuel" indicator lamps

r with Trailer

Family of Trailers

The current family of trailer consist of:

  • general purpose trailer
  • command and control trailer
  • trailer for the 106mm recoilless rifle

Gecko with Trailer

Gecko with Command and Control Trailer

Gecko Trailer - Specifications

  • Trailer Load Capacity: Dual axle 600kg
  • Trailer Tyres: Goodyear Rawhide III
  • Approach Angle: 250
  • Departure Angle: 400
  • Trailer: Ground 235mm
  • Rims: Mild steel